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It’s about time we got together, right?


Due to overwhelming recent demand, we are placing a 14 gram/half OZ flower limit on all adult use purchases until further notice.

Adult Use: Daily Purchase Limits

Adult Use: Daily Purchase Limits

MA Limit: 1 Transaction per Day

We are also limited by the state of Massachussetts to selling adult use customers no more than 28 grams of flower per day and Berkshire Roots has a 3 gram concentrate limit per day (limits cannot be combined). Additionally, we have limits set on some individual products per purchase.

Please ask your customer associate
for details next time you shop.

Top Shelf Pre-Rolls

Top Shelf Pre-Rolls

Our PRJs contain no trim, no shake, nothing but flower.

Distillate Cartridges

Distillate Cartridges

Our house-filled cartridges do not contain cutting agents, only cannabis distillate and naturally derived terpenes.

Online Order Ahead is now available!

Please note:

We have upgraded our live menu and online pre-ordering software. For users who had stored a profile in our previous system, we apologize, but we will have to ask you to re-register during your next pre-order.

Thanks! BR Team

To order ahead for pickup at our store, please follow these simple steps.

  1. Review our live menu below and put items in your cart that you wish to order for pickup.
  2. Check out with a few simple pieces of information. You can also save your information to allow for simplified ordering on future shopping trips.
  3. When your order is received, we will confirm your order by sending  a text alert to your phone.
  4. When your order is ready for pickup, we will send you a second text alert to your phone that you’re free to come to get your pre-order. (This may take up to 30 minutes, thanks for your patience!)
  5. At pickup, your order can not be modified, other than to add accessories.
  6. When you arrive at Berkshire Roots, please proceed to the front door and show your text alert to the attendant. You will then be checked in and can proceed to the express pickup line.
  7. Cash and Debit cards can be used for payment at pickup.
  8. Any cumulative flower pricing discounts not indicated in the live menu below will be applied at pickup!

PLEASE NOTE: You may have to allow up to 60 minutes from the time when you place your order until you receive an alert that it’s ready for pickup. Online Ordering ends at 6:30PM each day.

Online orders Can NOT be held overnight.

Live Menu – Updated in Real Time

Accumulative Flower Pricing: 1/8 oz: $45   1/4 oz: $85   1/2 oz: $165   1 oz: $300

Alert: Due to recent demand, we are placing a 14 gram/half OZ flower limit on all adult use purchases until further notice.

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