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Different Strains For Different Folks!

Different Strains for Different Folks!

Choosing the right cannabis strain can be overwhelming; SATIVA, INDICA, HYBRID! Each
strain has a different desired effect for the user. One product may work best for you in the
daytime, another at night. To simplify your life, we have broken each strain down so that you
can better understand the direction you should go in.

SATIVA is typically used for daytime use because the effects are uplifting and energizing. It
helps increase not only your energy and focus, reduce nausea and fatigue and combat
depression, but also stimulates appetite. Sativa is a great option for people who suffer from
mood disorders, ADHD, HIV/AIDS, Glaucoma, and Alzheimer’s disease.

INDICA is typically used for nighttime use because the effects are calming, sedating and
relaxing. It helps reduce pain, nausea and anxiety as well as aids sleep and increases
appetite. Indica is a great option for people who suffer from cancer, Multiple Sclerosis,
Fibromyalgia, Sleep Apnea, anxiety disorders, Chron’s Disease, and much more.

HYBRID combines the best of both elements of Indica and Sativa! It provides full-body pain
relief and helps reduce fatigue and combat depression. Hybrids allow you to have a more
personalized experience since it is derived from both Sativa and Indica.
Now, as if that wasn’t enough information, we want to dive a little deeper and give you
something else to consider! CBD-dominant vs. CBD:THC because they are getting a lot of
publicity over their effectiveness in treating a variety of ailments. CBD-RICH strains contain
more CBD and effectively relieve pain, reduces anxiety and may have analgesic and anti-
inflammatory properties. They show promise for treating seizure disorders, Crohn’s disease,
PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis and other ailments.

CBD:THC strains provide great therapeutic relief for many ailments, from insomnia to pain
and muscle spasms, and are currently being studied as treatment for autism, cancer,
fibromyalgia and skin diseases.

We hope we have been able to enlighten you a little more into the differences of cannabis
strains but if this still isn’t enough, head on down to Berkshire Roots where one of our many
knowledgeable PSA’s are more than happy to go over everything with you and ultimately, help
you redefine your wellness!

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