Map of Mass

Find Berkshire Roots in your neighborhood or neck of the woods

Did you know that we work with partners throughout the great state of Massachusetts who carry our products at their locations? What this means for you is that you are able to find our products in your local dispensary, which we know you love.

We are currently in over 70 stores and offer not only our own Berkshire Roots brand but our partner brands like Yellow Labs and more soon to come at our partner locations.

If you want to find the closest location to your home or maybe work, you can click here for our retail partner page, scroll down and see if your town or city is listed. If you need assistance – you can contact us through chat or email, or call and we will try and help find the site you or looking for and the closest location or just the local spot in your neighborhood that carries our products.

You can also sign up for our VIP emails – include your zip code and we will try and send you product releases and pop-ups in your area. Email Marketing at Berkshire Roots dot com if you want us to update your profile and customize your communication experience.

We have some amazing partners throughout this great state, all the way on the cape with our friends in P-Town and Eastham to our backyard in Great Barrington. Lets us pair you with the best location near you to find your favorite BR cannabis products. Follow our Instagram page to see where we are popping up next and when products drop – tag your favorite retailer and we will follow along to help support. We are often “shadow-banned” which does not allow us to be seen by people on social media platforms – creating another disadvantage for many. We want to lift up the cannabis community, stay tuned for our new site update highlighting some local small businesses you should know about.

We understand that you don’t want to drive too far to get your weed, with so many options in the state we want to be able to make it easy to get the goods you need.  From our award-winning Orange Chemeleon strain to our Shake N’ Baked spices, you will know it’s the brand you know, love, and trust.

If your local dispensary does not carry our branded products or one of our partner brands, let your local shop know that you would visit more if we were at their store. As a locally owned, grown, and run company, we are grateful for your recommendation and loyalty to Berkshire Roots. If you happen to be a local retailer reading this and want to carry our products reach out and we are happy to connect.

You can also find our products through our delivery partner Zyp Run servicing in and around Boston check out our delivery page for more information.

Thanks for stopping in and reading along.