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Get Your Medical Card

Get Your Medical Card

To purchase cannabis as a medical patient, you need a medical marijuana card to enter Berkshire Roots or any dispensary in Massachusetts. To get a card, you can consult with your doctor, visit Canna Care Docs or MedWell, two medical marijuana evaluation centers that have opened in Pittsfield, or check out to search for area practitioners. For step-by-step instructions for registering as a patient with the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program, click here.

We’re often asked: With adult-use/recreational sales now available, is it worth paying for a card? For many of our patients, the answer is yes!

First off, purchases will cost you less. Cardholders are exempt from state and local taxes, which could mean up to 20% in savings every time you visit Berkshire Roots.

You’ll also have more buying power as a cardholder being able to purchase and possess up to 10 ounces of flower every 60 days. Non-cardholders can only buy and possess 1 ounce at a time.

And on top of those incentives, now you can save $200. It’s easy! Here’s how our $200 HAPPIER! DEAL works:

1. Come see Berkshire Roots within 30 days of getting or renewing your card.

2. Receive four $50 credits, redeemable one per visit, for a total of $200 in savings.

To learn more, click here!

Still have more questions on getting a card? We interviewed Marta Downing, COO of Canna Care Docs.

Why is getting a medical marijuana card easier with Canna Care Docs?

Marta describes how the process works, who can participate, what you can expect, qualifying conditions and whether you need to bring your medical records.


How do I use Canna Care Docs’ services?

Schedule an appointment online or walk-in. Arrange for an in-home visit. Find out more about the Pittsfield location and hours as well.


How much does it cost and what forms of payment are accepted?

Learn about fees, using health savings accounts, insurance, payment options and free service for veterans.


Privacy: Is my name on a list?

Know how your information is protected.


What about pediatric care?

Find out about the state’s provision for pediatric patients and their families to treat conditions such as epilepsy or autism.


What services are available for veterans?

Be on the lookout for a free day for veterans, coming to Pittsfield in October.


What is the role of caregivers?

Know the laws on how caregivers can provide assistance.


How can cannabis help opioid addiction?

Hear about the concept of harm reduction and how cannabis can play a key role as a step-down medication from opiates.


How can cannabis help cancer patients?

From stimulating appetite to controlling nausea to shrinking tumors, learn why cancer patients turn to cannabis.


What are different ways cannabis is consumed?

Discover the options for using cannabis safety and effectively.


What is the difference between THC and CBD?

Can you get the benefits of cannabis without the high? Understand the science.


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