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Get Your Medical Card

Get Your Medical Card

If you do not have a MA medical card, and feel that you would qualify to become a medical patient, the Cannabis Control Commission is now authorizing Certifying Health Care Providers to certify prospective patients for the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program through the use of a telehealth waiver.  

The following locations offer telehealth certifications:  See individual websites for more information.

Alternative Wellness Centers 



CannaCare Docs 


Creating Well Being



Inhale MD; Dr. Tishler, Harvard 

Harvard Medical Graduate  


Medwell Health: 


(774) 517-5195 

Patient Deals and Specials

We’re often asked: With adult-use/recreational sales now available, is it worth paying for a card? For many of our patients, the answer is yes!

First off, purchases will cost you less. Cardholders are exempt from state and local taxes, which could mean up to 20% in savings every time you visit Berkshire Roots.

You’ll also have more buying power as a cardholder being able to purchase and possess up to 10 ounces of flower every 60 days. Non-cardholders can only buy and possess 1 ounce at a time.

And on top of those incentives, now you can save $200. It’s easy! Here’s how our $200 HAPPIER! DEAL works:

1. Come see Berkshire Roots within 30 days of getting or renewing your card.

2. Receive four $50 credits, redeemable one per visit, for a total of $200 in savings.

To learn more, click here to see all our patient specials


For an in-depth overview of the program and expert insight from our partners at inhaleMD, please watch the video below, or scroll down for a high-level overview of how you can register with the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana program.

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