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Patient Specials

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We’re Here To Help Our Community And Make A Difference

Berkshire Roots offers the specials below, designed specifically for our medical patient customers.

Please speak to your sales associate when you arrive and, if you qualify, we’ll set you up in the patient discount program that fits your situation, allowing you to receive these discounts automatically on all future visits.

Please note not all discounts are reflected online and will be applied at the time of the transaction.

Please note: We will not be able to offer patient discounts other than financial hardship or allow the use of vouchers for any products we’ve sourced from growers or vendors other than Berkshire Roots.  Outsourced products are indicated on the menu with an asterisk * All specials below only apply to BR product. Ask a PSA and chat with us if you have questions.

Weekly Specials for Our Patients

Loyalty Program Specials for Our Patients

Ongoing Specials for Our Patients

Just ask about it when you’re here if one seems right for you!

$200 Happier Deal

Here’s how our $200 HAPPIER! DEAL works:

1. Come see Berkshire Roots within 30 days of getting or renewing your card.

2. Receive four $50 credits, redeemable one per visit on Berkshire Roots medicated product, for a total of $200 in savings.

Now that’s a smart move!

Please note this deal is not applied to outsourced product.

Veterans – 20% to 40% Savings

Veterans represent heroes to us here at Berkshire Roots. In return, we proudly support our veterans and offer a 20% discount on all Berkshire Roots medicated products. To qualify, just show us your Military ID or DD-214 form at checkout.

For Massachusetts Veterans who qualify with a 100% SC VA Rating: We offer you a 40% discount on all Berkshire Roots medicated products.

  • Step 1: Must be a registered patient with the Massachusetts medical use of cannabis program
  • Step 2: Verify your SC status of 100% by bringing in your DOD Common Access Card (dd form 2765) with Expiration Date: INDEF and Status: DAVPRM
  • OR: Your VA ID Card, along with a copy of your commissary letter printed from
  • For more information, email:

And thank you for your service!

Please note these deals do not apply to outsourced product.

Wisdom Discount – 10% discount for Seniors 65+

You’re probably much smarter than we are with all those years of experience behind you. As a recognition of your special place in our community, we offer patients 65 and older a 10% discount on all Berkshire Roots medicated products.

Why not, you’ve earned it!

Please note this deal is not applied to outsourced product.

Roots Discount – 10% Discount for Hardship Patients

We provide a 10% discount for patients with a demonstrated financial hardship. To enroll in our program, you’ll need:

1) A valid Masshealth Eligibility Letter or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Card
2) Proof of verifiable income below 300% of Federal Poverty Level guidelines

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