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BR Hand-Crafted Products

High Standards – Hand Crafted – Product Highlights

At Berkshire Roots, we set out to innovate every day, we are continually refining and creating new products. Striving to reach higher, to elevate, and deliver quality.

Learn more below about some of our Berkshire Roots cannabis products, including our edibles, award-winning chews, Seasonal S’Mores Chocolate, Community Collaborations. Top-selling flower like our Orange Chemeleon, Vortex and Poet’s Walk. Check back for features and highlights on more of your favorite BR products and send us your requests at…..

Six Depot Cold Brew Belgian Style Dark Chocolate THC infused Bar

Six Depot Cold Brew Belgian Style Dark Chocolate THC infused Bar

This collaboration has local roots, our friends at Six Depot, Coffee Roastery and Cafe worked with us to create a one of a kind chocolate bar.

Six Depot’s Cold Brew is a mix of aged, Monsooned Malabar and high grown Brazil Oberon coffee beans which create a smooth, chocolate-y, almost cognac quality with virtually no acidity. Mixing that with Berkshire Roots’ delicious, Belgian Style dark chocolate and exceptional high-quality THC distillate creates a premium, infused experience.

Chews are edibles infused with cannabis

BR’s Chews – Over 10 Flavors!

High Standards – Honest Ingredients

Our award-winning chews are a great alternative to smoking flower and vaping. Edibles may be a great versatile way to introduce cannabis into your lifestyle.

These chews come in a variety of flavors and many include CBD as well, full-spectrum options and full CBD options are available. Maybe a few seasonal ones too.

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