Plaid Friday

Plaid Friday

Have you heard of Plaid Friday? 

Plaid Friday is a great idea and concept of supporting more local and small businesses rather than those big box stores that are so popular and typically run crazy door-busting deals this time of year. Started in 2009 depending on where you check in Oakland and then adopted in New Egland in 2010. 

“By supporting, highlighting and collaborating with local businesses we can strengthen the fabric of our community. That is the concept and idea behind Plaid Friday – each business is an important segment, providing a good or service – when we support and work with each other that segment can extend and bridge connections. Forming a stronger more resilient local business community.” Holly Alberti Sr. Director of marketing for Berkshire Roots stated, she has brought this concept to BR from her experiences in CA. “It is especially important in these market conditions and especially as a cannabis company. We have a unique opportunity to do things differently and by highlighting and lifting up these other businesses, using our voice and platform we can make a difference.


This year, we wanted to do something special to highlight some of the local businesses in our area. So we held another community sweepstakes. Sign up for our VIP emails to hear about the community sweepstakes, product specials,  local businesses, and more.

Find more details here and be sure to stay tuned for more great ways we can support each other throughout the community. Have a local business in our areas we should know about? Send us a note and we will check them out. 

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