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Pricing Tiers Berkshire Basics, Essentials & The Signature Collection

Berkshire Roots pricing tiers cannabis for all

 Berkshire Roots now offers three new collections at a price point for everyone.  You can mix and match flower from any collection and get the same great accumulative savings. Buy more, save more! 

We are now offering a wider variety of pricing options, through our pricing tiers. Cannabis for all.

Look for the photos on our menu with the correlating "seal" for options in that tier. Chat with customer care live during normal business hours or email and we will get back to your questions.

Berkshire Basics: an approachable option for everyone. Just beginning your wellness journey, a novice looking to expand, or a seasoned user looking to stock the pantry with an economical option. Berkshire Basics has you covered. Look for the Basic Seal & Pine Wooden Background  

Berkshire Essentials: these are the staple products, the must-haves, the faves you've grown to love and you just can't go without. The Essentials tier has the most selection and is always there for you.  Look for the Essentials Seal and Classic Maple Wooden Background 

Signature Collection: a compilation, the greatest hits and best of the best of our in-house products. Designed with the connoisseur in mind, these products fit the top tier and, the highest standards for the upper echelon.  Look for the Signature seal and Sleek Oak Wooden Background 

Bulk Pricing Flower

SAVE ON FLOWER: Bulk Pricing will begin at 7 Grams, then again at 14 Grams, and 28 Grams.   

  • For Each Quarter Ounce (7g) SAVE $4.00  
  • For Each Half Ounce (14g) SAVE $14.00 
  • For Each Ounce (28g) SAVE $54.00 

Berkshire Basics:  1/8   •   $39.95  |   1/4  • $75.90   |  1/2  • $145.80  |   1oz  •  $265.60    

Essentials Collection:  1/8   •   $44.95  |   1/4 • $85.90   |   1/2  • $165.80   |   1oz  •  $305.60  

Signature Collection:   1/8  •  $49.95  |   1/4 • $95.90   |   1/2  • $185.80   |   1oz  • $345.60   

1 GRAM PRE-ROLLS: Save with Bulk Pricing, it will begin at 7 Grams, then again at 14 Grams, 21 Grams, and 28 Grams.   

  • For Every 7, 1g  pre-rolls SAVE $8.00  
  • For Every 14, 1g pre-rollsSAVE $18.00  
  • For Every 21, 1g pre-rollsSAVE $26.00  
  • For Each 28g, 1g pre-rollsSAVE $38.50  

Berkshire Basics:  1g • $12.95   |   14 •  $82.65   |    21 •  $163.30   |   $245.95   |   $324.10             

Essentials Collection:  1g •  $13.95   |   14 • $89.60   |    21 • $177.30   |   $266.96   |   $352.10  

Signature Collection:   1g •  $14.95   |  14 •  $96.60   |    21 • $191.30   |   $287.95   |   $380.10   

.75 GRAM PRE-ROLLS:  This is achieved at and restricted to five units per transaction, all other .75 Gram PRJ’s added will reflect the  original price.   

For the First 5 Units (3.75g) SAVE $6.00

Berkshire Basics: .75g  •  $9.95   |   3.5g   •    $43.75   

Essentials Collection:  75g  • $10.95   |  3.5g   •    $48.75   

Signature Collection: 75g  •  $11.95   |  3.5g   •   $53.75  

*Some products are not eligible including small buds and pre-ground flower. Berkshire Roots Blunts are not eligible for bulk. 

Some restrictions apply, while supplies last. See store associate or chat with Customer Care during normal business hours for full details. Cannot be combined with other discounts (excluding financial hardship for medical patients). 21+ only with a valid ID. 

Bulk Pricing Concentrates 

Bulk pricing available on all Berkshire Roots 1 gram concentrates price at 10% off - NOW 25% - limited time 7/10 --7/31

Bulk pricing available on all Berkshire Roots 1 gram vaporizer cartridges price at 10% off - NOW 25% - limited time 7/10--7/31.

Mix and Match BR 1g Concentrates and 1ml Vape Carts and receive 25% off when you purchase 2 or more!

*Diamonds, Kief, and some limited batches do not bulk price. Chat live with our team online or see an associate in-store for more information. 


Shibby’s Steals

Shibbys Steals are special deals we offer on different products! We highlight various products of Shibby’s Steals at different times. 

So check the menu often and click the specials section on the menu to learn more.


Vintage Steals

These Vintage Steals are products that are aging and nearing their expiration date. The expiration dates are located on the package as well as on the product photo.

*Price of some of these products are being adjusted due to the fact that the use-by date is approaching. This date is approximately 1 year from when it was packaged. The efficacy of the product should not be compromised; however, all sales of this product are final. Store tightly sealed in a dark, cool location until ready to consume 

Signature Blend #3 – Greylock OG


Berkshire Roots grows all our cannabis at elevation. Over 1,000 feet up, right next to the highest peak in the commonwealth, Mt. Greylock. In celebration of this legacy, we are introducing our signature blend #3. The lab geniuses here in Pittsfield have really outdone themselves this time, blending two of our customers’ favorite in-house strains, Orange Chemeleon (a powerful sativa) and Congolese Kush (our most kushy indica strain). Both are two of our “terpiest” strains with loads of the terpenes that make these popular strains so flavorful and aromatic.

The result is a wax concentrate that we’re over the top to offer to the cannabis concentrate connoisseur. If this is available when you’re shopping at Berkshire Roots, grab a gram while it lasts.

Signature Blend #2 – Orange Chem Breath


Building off the terrific response we got from our Orange Chemeleon badder runs, we knew we had an opportunity to make more badder magic. Our lab magicians chose to blend our favorite sativa heavyweight with one of our other Mykotek genetics favorites, OGKB 2.0 bx. OGKBs indica profile offers a sour, earthy and bold diesel aroma, a perfect mix with Orange Chemeleon’s Sativa burnt orange and gas scent. The result is a smooth, easy to work with badder that will give you the balanced, heady yet relaxed effect that such a mix provides.

Signature Blend #1 – Shire Wolf


This delicious signature blend of our hometown favorites, Snowdog and Silver Fox has a rich terpene profile with a clean citrus taste and notes of earthy vibes. 

Our BR tasting team tells us the effects take off with a bright and uplifting introduction, followed by warm and fuzzy anti-anxiety effects that we all love from Snowdog. It’s followed by a gentle calming effect with some smooth euphoria and relaxing body feels. Only BR’s gurus could blend something so unique and delicious!

Six Depot Cold Brew Belgian-Style Dark Chocolate THC- Infused Bar 

Six Depot Cold Brew Belgian Style Dark Chocolate THC infused Bar

Our collaboration has local roots, our friends at Six Depot, Coffee Roastery and Cafe worked with us to create a one-of-a-kind chocolate bar.

Six Depot’s Cold Brew is a mix of aged, Monsooned Malabar and high grown Brazil Oberon coffee beans which create a smooth, chocolate-y, almost cognac quality with virtually no acidity. Mixing that with Berkshire Roots’ delicious, Belgian-style dark chocolate and exceptional high-quality THC distillate creates a premium, infused experience.

BR's Chews - Over 10 Flavors!

Chews are edibles infused with cannabis

High Standards – Honest Ingredients

Our award-winning chews are a great alternative to smoking flower and vaping. Edibles may be a great versatile way to introduce cannabis into your lifestyle. Our chews are made free of artificial coloring and ingredients.

These chews come in a variety of flavors and many include CBD as well, Full-spectrum options and full CBD options are available. Keep an eye out for seasonal choices as well.