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New Releases - Product Highlights

Spice up your season with Infused Seasonings!

Berkshire Roots infused Seasoning

New Release - Product Drop:  Gathering with family and loved ones this holiday season. Bring a Lil spice to the party for all the adults to share in the cheer. These infused seasonings are sure to be a hit. Sprinkle them on any of your favorite dishes for an easy, low-fuss way to spice up your food. Adobo, BBQ Rub, Tangy Cheddar, & Ranch! *Adobo & BBQ Rub are Vegan friendly.⁠

Grab this limited batch of spices for yourself or as a great gift or stocking stuffer. Check out our recipe section for some ideas on how to use it.

Save $2 per unit when you buy more than one - max of 4 per person per day.

Share your creations for a chance to win a BR sweepstakes!

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BR Seasonings in-store

Hot Chocolate Mix

BR Hot ChocoLit

New Release - Product Drop: BR Hot Choco-Lit!

Winter isn't coming, it's HERE! Straight from our kitchen.  It's time to get Choco-Lit! Check out our newest Hot Chocolate mix. The perfect fireside treat. Five servings of decadent cocoa flavors, serving up all the warm and fuzzies. All ingredients are vegan and can be mixed with 10 ounces of your preferred hot, milk (or nondairy option), or water!

Grab this limited Jar of Hot Chocolate mix for yourself or as a great gift or stocking stuffer.

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The international Cannabis Brand Cookies, chose local Berkshire Roots to be their exclusive retail partner in Berkshire County! Visit BR's Pittsfield Dispensary to see our NEW Cookies Corner setup! Accessories & more from Cookies are now available.

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Cookies Corner located inside Berkshire Roots Pittsfield location
Find your favorite Cookies strains as well as the Lemonnade, Minntz, and Collins Ave Brands at Berkshire Roots. Stay up to date by checking our menu to see what's available!

Collin's Ave, All Time High 3.5g
Lemonnade by Cookies, Madrina 3.5g
Runtz by Cookies, Pink Runtz 3.5g
Cookies, 2090 Shit 3.5g
Cookies, Pancakes Pre-roll
Leomonnade by Cookies, Lemon Pepper 3.5g & Pre-roll
Cookies, Hawaiian Rain Pre-roll
Doggy BagCaffeineCookies Strains

Yellow Labs

Now Available! Yellow Labs Oral THC Mist. Fast onset, oral spray powered by delivri™  This discreet and easy-to-dose option is a new BR favorite. Varieties include, "relax", "recover" "focus" "energy".  Place a pre-order now. Looking to bring this product to your retail cannabis store? Contact our wholesale team today.
Now Available  oral Mist from Yellow Labs. Varieties include, "relax", "recover" "focus" "energy"Yellow like THC infused Oral spray - fast like flower easy like gummies


The BR High-Burnator is here. A twist on our classic chew, each contains 2mg of Melatonin and is flavored with real elderberry and other natural fruits and vegetables. No artificial coloring or flavoring. We che... choose to craft all of our in-house edibles with the best ingredients and limit the ingredients we do use. Simply making better products for you.

Get ready to hibernate with a gentle combination that may have you drifting off to the land of nod in no time.

Yellow like THC infused Oral spray - fast like flower easy like gummies

BR Blunts

Check out Berkshire Roots' twist on a traditional blunt. This Herbal wrap is made using, Mate, Chamomile, and cacao, pressed & paired with our award-winning strains. This smooth, slow smoker is sure to be a great hit.
BR Blunts

Blaze Stix

The sleek and discreet Blaze Stix is here, BR's version of a get-up-and-go-disposable vaporizer. The .3 gram, all-in-one vaporizer comes fully charged and ready to go, no separate battery is needed.  We call it the Blaze Stix as this is a common name for the markers you see on trails when hiking that indicate a direction or intersection. Let us guide you in the right direction and keep you on track! As always, chat live here on the site during normal business hours or give us a call or contact us via emailwith any questions.
Yellow like THC infused Oral spray - fast like flower easy like gummies

Product Partners

We have so many amazing products available at Berkshire Roots! We are going to start highlighting some of the brands that we carry.

Nature's Heritage flower strains

Betty's Eddies edibles and ice cream

Good Feels Seltzers and beverage enhancers

Hi5 Seltzers

Cookies Cannabis flower strains and accessories

Cann Tonics

Forbidden Fruit by North East Alternatives.

SeCHe - by Jushi

Berkshire Roots craft cannabis cultivator - creating award-winning products high in the hills of Western Massachusetts. We love cannabis at Roots; ganja, weed, marijuana, green goods, bhang, or reefer... Whatever you call this amazing weed -we got you covered from beautifully cured colas ( buds ) to edibles, tinctures, vaporizers, concentrates, and more. Our hand-crafted classic chews are made with natural flavors and colors derived from fruits and vegetables. Our state-of-the-art lab continues to innovate with new hydrocarbons crafted dab-ables, cartridges, with new on-the-go products like the Blaze Stix.

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