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Signature Blend Concentrates

Unique Concentrates Designed To Maximize Your Experience

When the chemistry gurus in our laboratory wanted to create something special, they began experimenting with some of our most popular flower strains, seeking a new level of perfection in our EHO extraction practice. After much testing and learning, they’ve wowed us all, and so now we’re introducing our latest innovation: Signature Blends™ concentrates from Berkshire Roots.

What makes for a Signature Blend? A carefully blended combination of our most popular strains, curated with complementary terpene and flavor profiles in mind that make for a top-shelf consumption experience.

These special blends are only available on rare occassions. If you see one on the menu, snap it up while they last!

Signature Blend #3 – Greylock OG (February, 2020)

Berkshire Roots grows all our cannabis at elevation. Over 1,000 feet up, right next to the highest peak in the commonwealth, Mt. Greylock. In celebration of this legacy, we are introducing our signature blend #3. The lab geniuses here in Pittsfield have really outdone themselves this time, blending two of our customers’ favorite in-house strains, Orange Chemeleon (a powerful sativa) and Congolese Kush (our most kushy indica strain). Both are two of our “terpiest” strains with loads of the terpenes that make these popular strains so flavorful and aromatic.

The result is a wax concentrate that we’re over the top to offer to the cannabis concentrate connoisseur. If this is available when you’re shopping at Berkshire Roots, grab a gram while it lasts.

Signature Blend #2 – Orange Chem Breath (Nov, 2019)

Building off the terrific response we got from our Orange Chemeleon badder runs, we knew we had an opportunity to make more badder magic. Our lab magicians chose to blend our favorite sativa heavyweight with one of our other Mykotek genetics favorites, OGKB 2.0 bx. OGKBs indica profile offers a sour, earthy and bold deisel aroma, a perfect mix with Orange Chemeleon’s Sativa burnt orange and gas scent. The result is a smooth, easy to work with badder that will give you the balanced, heady yet relaxed effect that such a mix provides.

Signature Blend #1: Shire Wolf (August, 2019)

This delicious signature blend of our hometown favorites, Snowdog and Silver Fox has a rich terpene profile with a clean citrus taste and notes of earthy vibes.

Our BR tasting team says that effects take off with a bright and uplifting introduction, followed by warm and fuzzy anti-anxiety effects that we all love from Snowdog. It’s followed by a gentle calming effect with some smooth euphoria and relaxing body feels.

Only BR’s gurus could blend something so unique and delicious!

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