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Cannabis companies still face several roadblocks and speed bumps when it comes to marketing, advertising and communicating. With cell phone carrier restrictions and issues with certain companies like T-Mobile and Verizon, we encourage you to sign up for the VIP Email – You Hear it 1st 

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We plan to keep these emails short but plenty, as things release or happen at Berkshire Roots.

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We also have a VIP Landing Page that is updated asap with new product releases, price changes, events, and sweepstakes.  
You will still need to subscribe to receive text messages from our partner platforms. You still may experience issues receiving all texts which is why we encourage you to be on the emails.

MEDICAL Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program currently only applies to our medical patients, so stick with the above options unless you are a MA Medical patient. 

Registered MA Medical Patients are able to enroll in a loyalty points program click here to learn more about the points and other medical benefits.  

First off, purchases will cost you less. Cardholders are exempt from state and local taxes, which could mean up to 20% in savings every time you visit Berkshire Roots. You’ll also have more buying power as a cardholder being able to purchase and possess up to 10 ounces of flower every 60 days. Non-cardholders can only buy and possess 1 ounce at a time.

Retail Partner Locations
Too far to travel to Pittsfield or East Boston? Check out our Retail partners who carry our products. *Please check the dispensary current menu to confirm they have the product you are looking for.
BR Retail Partners